Kenny Does Improv Comedy in Austin

Kenny Madison doing improv with Suzanne Link
Photo: Jay Mahavier

Since 2008, I’ve been doing improv comedy. I started doing it in Oklahoma and found that I had a pretty good knack at it.

Eventually, I helped produce Improv Festival Oklahoma for a couple years, where we brought in amazing talent and helped grow the festival with national guests such as Jill Bernard, Jimmy Carrane, and more.

I made my way down to Austin to do improv. In my first year in town, I found myself cast in mainstage shows at The Hideout Theatre, ColdTowne Theater, and The Institution Theater, and helped create my group, Mirage Machine.

I’m pretty darn good. I’ve even been written about!

review which states that

Review from Theater Jones

Here are some improv shows I’ve done


Start Trekkin’ (2017)
Fuck It’s Christmas (2016)
It Came From Your Brain! (2016)
Over the Lege (2016)
Award Winner (2016)
Close-Up (2015)
Scene of the Crime (2015)
Late Night Time Machine (2015)
My Stepdad is a Genie (2015)
LoveFest (2015)
Kenny Does Community (2015)
High-deas (2015)
Improv Anonymous (2014-Present)


Director/Producer (nominated: B. Iden Payne Award for Directing)
“Stanley Kubrick”
Starring Role


Kenny Madison kneeling in front of 301 class at Institution Theater next to Asaf Ronen

I currently teach improv at The Institution Theater, but I’ve been coaching improv since 2012. I learned under the tutelage of many amazing directors such as Kyle Bradford, Tyler Bryce, Jay Edwards, Sam Bleckley, Julie Pearson, and many, many more.

Since then, I’ve developed a style that’s an amalgam of their overwhelmingly positive style along with a fast and fierce style that’s designed to cut to the core.

I believe a lot in making goals for people and explicitly stating those goals. I don’t want to hide what I’m working for. I want to include you on the journey and get you to wear you need to go with your coaching session.

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