About Me


I’ve been obsessed with storytelling ever since I was 8 years old and my Dad bought me my first copy of the now-defunct Cinescape (I’ve still got it somewhere). Reading Cinescape got me to Cinescape.com, which got me into online film journalism, which got me to CHUD, AICN, Dark Horizons, and Corona.

Back then, I would create stories using whatever I had. First it was Legos. Then it was my parent’s computer, spending way too much time on Xanga. After that, MySpace.

I finally got my own video camera around 2007 and made a couple things. After that, I joined my college improv troupe in 2008 and haven’t really looked back since.

Since then, I’ve been across the country doing comedy and watching movies. If I get to do both (like in my show Award Winner at The Institution Theater), it is absolutely transcendant.

I always want to do more. I’ve always wanted to be more and to do something that really makes a difference. I’m excited to start this conglomeration of all the things that I do and love, in one thing, so I can share my insides with you, squishy and all.

Great things are afoot and I will always be pushing to do more. Join me in telling stories, yes?